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5 Cheap Auto Insurance Companies

Most people believe that if something is cheap, there is very little chance that it is good. This belief does not necessarily hold true, however, when it comes to auto insurance companies. Many cheap auto insurance companies offer great rates, as well as exceptional customer service. Try our FREE quote generator today by simply entering your ZIP!

5 Cheap Auto Insurance Companies Save

Many people still believe that the better auto insurance companies charge higher car insurance rates. However, a few car insurance providers are changing the minds of people across the nation. Just because a company offers free auto insurance quotes and advertises about being a discount insurance carrier, this does not mean the company is lacking. In fact, some of the companies listed here make the Top 10 Lists in just about every ranking.

According to customer service metrics and consumer reviews, the top five cheap auto insurance companies in the US include:


Geico is possibly the nation’s best known discount auto insurance provider. Geico advertises that customers can save hundreds of dollars a year when switching to Geico. Fact is, most customer reviews of the company rave about the service they receive from Geico.

Rarely will you find a poor review of this discount insurance company.

In addition, Geico is highly rated on random sample customer satisfaction surveys, such as those executed by JD Power and Associates. On most Best / Worst lists, you will find Geico among the highly rated and most respected auto insurance providers in the nation, even when compared to larger, non-discount companies, such as State Farm and Allstate.


Esurance is reviewed well by various consumer review sites and is fairly highly ranked in customer satisfaction surveys. Many people report that Esurance provided them with the best rates, even when compared to other discount insurance providers.

Esurance’s claim to fame is the option to purchase auto insurance policies from their website. Customers also report, however, that they receive excellent customer service when submitting claims and when the need arises to call the company on the phone. Great rates and great customer service is what ranks Esurance Number Two on our list of the Five Best Cheap Auto Insurance Companies.

Progressive Insurance

5 Cheap Auto Insurance Companies

Progressive Insurance customers seem to love this insurance company. Progressive Insurance provides various discounts to their policy holders, including the “snapshot” discount for good drivers. A black box device is used while driving. The black box records the driving habits of the policy holder and their insurance rates are reduced when they practice good driving habits. In addition, Progressive offers great multi-policy discounts.

Progressive Insurance rates high in consumer reviews for their claims service and customer treatment. Consumers state the filing a claim with Progressive was as simple as it could possibly be. Consumers indicate that they are treated well by Progressive’s customer service representatives and most reviews about the company are positive.

Progressive customers always cite that they saved a considerable amount of money by switching to Progressive Insurance. The most money may be saved by “bundling” their policies.

21st Century Insurance

Though 21st Century Insurance did not rate well in the most recent JD Power and Associates random sample customer survey, consumer reviews tend to be very positive about this discount insurance company. Reviews state that 21st Century offers the most competitive rates of any other insurance providers, even with multi-policy discounts applied.

21st Century Insurance provides free roadside assistance to all of their policy holder, which was a reason commonly cited for the great reviews for the company. However, the respondents of the JD Power and Associates survey revealed that 21st Century was a bit lacking in terms of their customer service and during the claims process.

Liberty Mutual

Though Liberty Mutual is not known for being a “discount” auto insurance provider, practically every consumer review raves about the amount of money they saved by switching to Liberty Mutual.

In addition, Liberty Mutual provides exemplary customer service. Their company policy is to provide one-on-one insurance counseling to each of their policy holders. This counseling includes advice regarding how to save even more money on your auto insurance, such as maintaining a good driving record, raising your deductible and how to look for safety features that will lower your premiums when purchasing a vehicle.

Liberty Mutual works with each of their policy holders to regularly review their policies to ensure they are getting the best rates possible and to ensure that the customer has just the right policy for their needs.

Liberty Mutual possibly offers the most outstanding customer service out of any of the top-rated discount auto insurance providers.

Comparing Auto Insurance Companies

5 Cheap Auto Insurance Companies TruckSaving money on car insurance is simple if you shop around for the best rates. Many people stay with an insurance company and just assume that they would not get a better deal by switching to another company. Other people are comfortable with the care they receive from their auto insurance provider.

However, you can save hundreds of dollars per year by switching to one of the discount auto insurance providers. You do not necessarily need to forfeit great service or prompt payment of claims, either.

Shopping for Car Insurance

When you are ready to shop around for another car insurance provider, several review sites will provide you with consumer reviews about the company’s customer service practices, their rates and the special services they provide. Start saving today by taking advantage of our FREE quote comparison tool on our website by simply entering your ZIP!

Also, use an auto insurance comparison site to obtain a side-by-side comparison of different car insurance companies for similar policies. Once you have viewed your comparisons, research each auto insurance provider for other factors, such as financial strength and market share in your state.

Remember, always ask about discounts that auto insurance companies may offer, such as multi-policy discounts, mature driver discounts and good student discounts, to name just a few. You can save a considerable amount of money by switching to a cheaper auto insurance company. Some customers report hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year in savings.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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