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Where to Find Liability Auto Insurance Quotes

where to find liability auto insurance quotesWhether you are looking to get insurance for the first time or want to compare rates to see if you can get a better deal on auto insurance, there are several places to find auto insurance quotes.

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The Internet has opened new avenues of ways to find auto insurance in recent years. However, there are still some traditional ways to get liability auto insurance quotes.

Through an Agent

At one time, you could only buy insurance through an insurance agent. An agent is the public face of an insurance company. He sells the policies to the consumers and facilitates communication between the two. He makes a commission on the policies he sells.

Using an insurance agent is still a perfectly good way to purchase auto insurance, and some companies still sell exclusively through agents.

In fact, there are some definite benefits to using an agent, as listed by the state of Missouri. You get one-on-one attention. Your agent gets to know you and your circumstances. You also have someone to call at any time to explain anything or answer any questions.

There are two kinds of insurance agents. One is a captive agent. He only sells insurance policies from one company, thus is “captive” to that company. The other is an independent agent or broker. He can sell policies from several companies.

where to find liability car insurance quotes

No matter what kind of agent you contact, he should be able to create an auto insurance quote for you at no charge and with no obligation. An independent agent might even be able to give you several quotes from the companies he is associated with.

Calling the Insurance Company Directly

Most insurance companies have toll-free numbers you can call to get a free quote. They have customer service personnel who act as phone agents. They will gather some information from you and review your options. They can give you a quote in just minutes right over the phone.

If you decide to purchase a policy right then, you can even get the process started over the phone. Usually, this will require a credit or debit card or your checking account information so they can set up a billing schedule.

Usually, commercials will list the insurance companies’ phone numbers. You can also look in the Yellow Pages or do a search engine query for auto insurance in your state.

Another great place to look is your state’s department of insurance website.

It will list information about the companies licensed in your state and will include their websites and phone numbers.

Use the Company’s Website

If you would rather not have to talk to anyone, you can get quotes from the same companies’ websites. You will just have to type in the same information they would ask you for over the phone. Then they will either show you the quote on the page or email it to you within the next few hours.

Whether you are talking to them on the phone or getting quotes online, you need to have some basic information handy. First, you will need some personal information about all the drivers on the policy. This would be full, legal names, birth dates and driver’s license numbers.

where to find liability auto insurance rates

Next, you will need the information about the vehicles you own. The year, make and model are necessary, but the VIN is even more helpful. This number tells the insurance company things like the size of the engine, the number of doors and many other features.

If you do not know your car’s VIN, you can find it on your current insurance policy, your state registration paperwork or on the driver’s side of the dashboard just under the window.

It would also help the accuracy of the quote to know the driving record of the drivers on the policy. If you decide to get a policy from this company, they will run your driver’s license number and find out about any accidents or tickets on your record, so be upfront about them.

To help yourself, also familiarize yourself about the safety and anti-theft devices on your vehicles. Since these can get you discounts that would lower your premiums, it pays to know if you have daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, and how many air bags you have.

Use an Independent Search Service

Most people know that one of the best ways to save money on anything, especially insurance, is to shop around. To do this on auto coverage, you are going to need to get quotes from several companies, according to Insure U.

You can do this by contacting multiple agents, calling several companies or getting quotes from several websites of various companies. However, there is another way to get those quotes – and it is a major saver.

One of the benefits of the Internet is independent insurance search sites, which help you by taking all the information you would have to give each company and contacting the companies for you.

This means that all you have to do is give the information once, and you get a few emails with various quotes, allowing you to compare the options and easily pick the best one for your family.

How Much Insurance to Get

When you are getting quotes for liability auto insurance, one of the things you will need to decide is how much liability to buy.

where to find liability car insurance pricesWhile every state requires that you carry some liability, the required amount is different in each state. However, you are free to buy higher levels of liability if you need the coverage. The state levels are only minimum requirements.

However, just because the state says you only have to buy a certain amount, it does not mean that is the best thing to do. In fact, many in the financial planning and insurance industry, like at the Insurance Information Institute, recommend carrying higher amounts. For instance, the Institute recommends having 100/300/50 or higher.

If you live in Washington, you only have to have $25,000/$50,000/$10,000 in coverage. The first two figures refer to the amount your insurance company will pay toward medical expenses of the people in the other car after an accident. The first number is the limit most paid per person and the second is the most it will pay per accident. The third number is how much the policy pays toward property repairs.

The problem comes when the expenses of an accident exceed the amount of insurance you have. You are still responsible for paying for repairs if the accident was your fault. If your insurance covers all of it, that’s great. If not, you will have to make up the difference out of pocket. This could run tens of thousands of dollars if the people were severely injured.

That is why the institute recommends carrying at least 100/300/50 insurance. This will cover nearly any major accident and most people’s net worth. However, if you have more assets than this, you might consider raising your liability levels even more.

Also, your policy in one state may not buy as much insurance in another state if you move.

Not all insurance rates are created equal: After all, rates vary by state.

Other Coverage besides Liability

While all states require liability auto insurance, some states require even more coverage. One policy type you might need is uninsured/underinsured motorist. This covers your car repairs and medical expenses if an uninsured driver hits you. His insurance should cover those if the accident was his fault, but if he does not have insurance, you need a way to pay for the damage.

This also pays for any gaps that might occur if someone else has chosen to buy only the state-required amount of insurance. If his insurance will only pay up to $10,000 toward repairing or replacing your car, but your car is worth $20,000, who is going to pay the extra $10,000? You can take him to court, but in the meantime, your uninsured/underinsured coverage will cover it.

where you would find liability auto insurance quotes

Some states also require all drivers to have some sort of medical coverage on their policies. Auto insurance typically comes in two types. The type you need will vary by state. Medical payment, the first type, covers a certain amount per person for anyone in your car, no matter who is at fault.

Personal injury protection, the second type, also pays a certain amount per person for everyone in your car, no matter who is at fault, but it also pays for other things. It can pay to replace any wages you have lost while you were recovering, services like housecleaning if you cannot do it while you recover, and it can cover funeral expenses.

If your state requires one or both of these, you can get quotes for these at the same time as you get the liability insurance quote. If you desire optional coverage, like comprehensive, collision, rental car coverage or a towing package, you can also ask these to be included in the quote.

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