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7 Cars That Get the Most Affordable Auto Insurance

7 cars that get the most affordable auto insuranceWhen most people shop for a new vehicle, they hope to find a car that fits their budget, is good on gas, and is well-suited for their lifestyle. Of course, due to the expenses of owning a car, knowing which ones get the most affordable auto insurance is also a deciding factor.

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If you’re on a tight budget, or just trying to build your savings account, you’re probably interested in knowing which cars are the cheapest to cover. In keeping with saving money, the good news is that the seven most affordable cars to insure are not flashy vehicles with hefty price tags. If you’re hoping to find a more practical car for work or the family, you’re in luck.

Determining Insurance Rates

Insurance providers consider many different things when they determine what to charge. As any experienced driver knows, you could own the exact same type of car as another person and pay more much more or less than he or she pays for auto insurance.

While the kind of car you drive helps determine your rates, other factors, like your driving circumstances, where you live, and your driving record, are also key.

For example, if you and your neighbor own the same type of car, but you drive your vehicle thousands of miles more, your rates will probably be higher. The more often you’re on the road, the more likely an accident will occur, statistically speaking.

7 cars that get the most affordable car insurance

You could own the same type of station wagon as someone who doesn’t live in the city. However, if you drive your car to work daily in heavy traffic, and the other person only drives on quiet country roads, he or she might pay lower insurance rates. An insurance provider may believe the person living outside the city is less likely to get in an accident.

Of course, one of the biggest factors in how much you pay for car insurance is your driving record. You could own the exact same model of truck as someone who lives down the street, but if your neighbor has a bad driving record and you don’t, she will pay more for her insurance. If a person’s driving record shows cause of several accidents or driving at dangerous speeds, a provider will charge that person higher rates.

Choosing Your Coverage7 autos that get the most affordable auto insurance

The amount you pay for your insurance also depends on the type of coverage you have for your car.

In nearly every state, you’re required to have liability coverage, which pays for damage you cause to other people or property in an accident. The more liability insurance you buy, the more coverage you’ll have to protect you and your family from the costs of the accident.

Your insurance rates will also vary depending on whether you buy other types of coverage like collision or comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance will pay for repairs to your car in a crash you cause. Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage from a non-motorist incident like a flood or break-in.

Therefore, you may own the same car as a co-worker, but if you carry extensive coverage for your vehicle and your co-worker just has the state’s minimum requirements, your insurance rates will likely be higher.

It’s important to remember that car accidents can cause thousands of dollars in damage, so carrying a solid amount of coverage that fits your budget is a smart way to go.

You can find out more about the various types of car insurance by searching online or reviewing local information pages like California’s Department of Insurance.

Additionally, if you’re new to insurance shopping, ensure that you know the basics. Saving money is more important than ever, so it’s good to have a firm grasp on how coverage works.

7 cars that get the most affordable auto coverageAverage Insurance Rates

While your car insurance rates will depend on your personal circumstances, of course the vehicle you drive is also a key determining factor. For example, expensive cars cost more to repair and they’re more likely to be stolen, so providers charge higher rates to insure them.

Additionally, vehicles with poor safety ratings typically produce more costly damage when they’re involved in accidents. So, insurance companies charge more to insure them as a way to offset the potential costs.

While each person’s insurance rates depend on their own specific circumstances, the car they drive has certain traits that providers also consider.

By comparing what insurance companies charge to cover certain vehicles, you can find out which cars have the most affordable insurance, and get the best rates.

Jeep Patriot Sport

One of the cheapest vehicles to insure is the Jeep Patriot Sport. The four-door SUV is a spacious, forward wheel drive automobile that can seat five passengers. Carriers insure the Jeep Patriot Sport cheaply because the vehicle costs less than $20,000. In addition, it is equipped with multiple safety features including anti-lock brakes, stability control, and air bags.7 cars with the most affordable auto insurance

Because people who live in suburban or rural settings more often own SUVs, the average insurance rate for the Jeep Patriot Sport reflects that it’s not driven extensively in busy traffic.

Jeep Compass Sport

Like the Jeep Patriot, the Jeep Compass Sport also runs less than $20,000. Additionally, the Compass Sport seats five and comes with either forward or four-wheel drive. Due to its compact size, the SUV is more car-like in nature and is very fuel-efficient.

which 7 cars get the most affordable auto insurance

The Compass is also equipped with modern safety features and a small engine, which helps reassure providers that the vehicle is less likely to be involved in a car accident.

Ford Escape XLS

Another car that typically garners affordable auto insurance is the Ford Escape XLS. The compact utility vehicle is also relatively inexpensive and gets a good amount of miles per the gallon.

In addition to its other standard safety features, the Ford Escape is equipped with the MyKey system, which can set personalized settings for different drivers.

For example, parents can set the car to a maximum speed of, say, 70 mph for their teenage driver. Alternatively, they can limit how loud the stereo speakers play when their son or daughter is behind the wheel. You can set the MyKey system to provide sound notifications when the Escape reaches certain speeds.

7 cars that get the best auto insuranceDue to safety features like this, insurance providers know that the Ford Escape XLS is more likely to be driven responsibly and won’t be involved in a lot of accidents. It’s also not a flashy car that’s likely to be targeted by thieves.

You can learn more about the Escape and its various features by referring to the Ford website.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota’s Sienna minivans are designed for a family lifestyle, and as a result, they are some of the more affordable vehicles to insure. While both the four-cylinder Sienna and Sienna LE typically warrant cheap insurance rates, the V6 edition of the minivan is also quite cheap to cover. You can buy any model in the Sienna series for less than $30,000.

While having plenty of space, ideal for kids, groceries or camping gear, is a big reason families like to have minivans, safety features also play a role. The Sienna series has many, including air bags, vehicle stability control, three-point seatbelts and an engine immobilizer.

7 cars that get affordable auto insurance

The official Toyota website has extensive information about the company’s Sienna series.

Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

Another minivan that commands affordable auto insurance is the Dodge Grand Caravan SXT.

Like the Sienna series, it can be bought for under $30,000 and has plenty of seating and storage space. The Caravan is also equipped with modern safety features including child safety door locks in the rear.

You can learn more about the Dodge Caravan SXT by searching online or referring to the company’s website.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Some people may be surprised to find larger vehicles on this list, but the reality is that some trucks are quite cheap to insure. People often use trucks for work and for hauling things, so they’re less likely to drive the vehicles in heavy traffic. In addition, pick-up trucks are not fast vehicles that are going to be driven frequently at high speeds.

Due to their size and engineering, many trucks hold up well in car accidents, so insurance providers don’t have to worry as much about expensive repairs or medical bills.

And although trucks may not get as good mileage as other smaller cars, they’re still much more affordable than a luxury SUV or a sports car.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is cheap to insure on average due to all of these aforementioned reasons. In addition, the Silverado has many safety features including Chevrolet’s OnStar service, which helps drivers during emergencies.7 cars with the most affordable car insurance

If you’re interested in learning more about the Silverado, the official Chevrolet site has plenty of info.

GMC Sierra K1500

GMC’s Sierra K1500 is another pick-up truck that tops the affordable auto insurance list. Like the Silverado, it’s a durable truck with a V6 engine that can be bought for under $25,000.

The Sierra also can be purchased with the OnStar system and has safety features like tire pressure monitoring systems.

The official GMC site has a detailed section about its Sierra trucks.

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