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Independence Auto Insurance Review

This Independence Auto Insurance Review explains how additional choices add up to substantial customer savings. As a relative newbie in the industry, Independence Insurance has saved drivers up to 65 percent off previous coverage rates. Independent Auto Insurance Pic

Personable customer service and competitive rates helped the company emerge as a consumer favorite.

Company Background

Independence Automotive Insurance is provided by Independence Insurance Group, a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC). The Arizona-based company opened in 2009 and currently works with 45 insurers to provide customers with the best coverage deals. In addition to handling most personal and business insurance needs, Independence also handles investment bonds. Insured parties live in the continental United States (U.S.) and Hawaii. Agents work with a series of well-known insurers including:

  • American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • Metlife
  • Progressive.

To receive free auto insurance quotesthrough Independence, individuals must contact a licensed agent. The official company website has an online inquiry form available for use day or night. Claims are handled by live agents, making coverage a perfect choice for people who desire human interaction with their business affairs.

Independent Auto Insurance FormIndependent vs. Exclusive

Within the insurance industry, there are two types of insurance agencies: independent and exclusive. Agents for Independence Insurance work with a variety of insurers, making them an independent company. Exclusive agencies are bound to one insurer. Agents cannot present customers with rates from other insurance companies. This simple difference can add up to substantial customer savings.

Benefits of Independent Agencies

One major benefit to obtaining auto insurance discountswith independent agencies like Independence Insurance is the level of personalized service that each client receives. Locally based agents are also familiar with coverage requirements for a particular area, making them a good reference point for determining minimum insurance coverage amounts.


According to consumer websites, customers should be aware of the following issues when dealing with independent insurance companies:

  • Lesser-known insurers may provide the best discounts.
  • Total policy amounts may include broker fees.

Obtain the Best QuoteIndependent Auto Insurance Protection

Customers interested in receiving car insurance quotes from Independence Insurance Group need to be prepared. Automated systems ask a series of questions to generate the best quotes. It is up to the agent of an independent insurance company to make sure they ask the right questions during an in-person or telephone interview. Before independent agents generate a quote, they discuss:

  • Lifestyle changes.
  • ¬†Auto specifics.

Older cars do not typically need the same amount of coverage as newer models. Liability insurance provides the minimum amount of coverage required to drive in a particular state. Liability policies list three numbers indicating amounts paid for the following events that occur during an accident:

  • Individual injury.
  • Total injuries.
  • Property damage.

In Closing

Agents at Independence Insurance Group in Tempe, Arizona work hard to find the best deals for clients. No matter what type of automotive coverage required, customers receive a wide range of quotes that allow them to make the best decision for their lifestyle and budget.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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