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Imperial Auto Insurance Review

Many states and federal regulators require vehicles to have auto insurance coverage. Over the last decade, auto-related accidents have been one of the leading causes of death in many states. With faster vehicles comes the need to cover damages and injuries incurred by auto accidents.

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Auto insurance laws require that every driver must have auto insurance.  By having cheap auto insurance, people can help prevent escalating accident costs from being covered by tax payers as well as state regulators. This review evaluates the Imperial Auto Insurance provided by Imperial Fire & Casualty Company.

Imperial Insurance Industry Rating and Reviews

Imperial Fire and Casualty received a “B” rating from the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, Texas for customer satisfaction. The rating was based on several customer complaints against Imperial. Although Imperial Fire and Casualty is not a BBB member, it still received a rating based on customer satisfaction.

Imperial Auto Insurance Products

Imperial provides a range of insurance products that can cover standard, high risk and non-standard drivers. Qualifying for a discount on Imperial’s premium insurance rates is dependent on a customer’s credit score. However, Imperial also offers a number of auto insurance products that do not require a good credit score.

Imperial Auto Insurance Two Cars

There are a number of personal auto insurance services available including:

  • Insurance Policy cover up to $100,000
  • Personal injury protection
  • Covered medical payments
  • Collision cover
  • Rental and Towing costs
  • Policy liability limit options

Payments on Imperial insurance premiums can be paid in several increment options including monthly, annual and quarterly plans. Customers are welcome to pay for their insurance using an electronic payment option such as an Electronic fund transfer or a credit card such as MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

About Imperial Fire And Casualty Company

Imperial Auto Insurance is provided by Imperial Fire and Casualty Company, an Opelousas, Louisiana based insurance company. Imperial also provides auto insurance products for individual and business customers. Imperial Fire and Casualty Company is also involved in underwriting personal property and flood insurance policies.

Imperial has a number of marketing representatives in the north and south of Louisiana, most parts of Texas as well as Arkansas, Arizona, Florida south and Oklahoma. The company has its headquarters in Louisiana as well as regional offices in Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Imperial also has a claims office in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance Company has its own independent network of brokers and agents across the nation including agents in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Arkansas. Imperial is also licensed to underwrite insurance policies in states such as Mississippi, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Georgia among several other states.

Prospective customers that are interested in finding out more about Imperial’s auto insurance products can contact the company through the company website or the company’s toll-free number at 1-800-960-7777.

Imperial Auto Insurance Keys

Imperial Auto Insurance for Commercial Customers

Imperial Insurance also provides insurance for businesses and commercial customers. Qualifying for Imperial Business Auto insurance requires

The operation of commercial vehicles within a 300 mile radius of Imperial’s offices
A gross weight of up to 20,000 pounds

Commercial and business customers have several options for covering their Imperial auto insurance bills such as the purchase of liability policy cover up to 25/50 or having Imperial bill customers directly

for the use of commercial insurance.

Final Thoughts

Imperial Insurance provides various insurance policies for different needs. Prospective customers can contact the company through their toll-free line, or through their website.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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