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Safeway Auto Insurance Review

This Safeway Auto Insurance review explores one of the top auto insurance companies, Illinois-headquartered Safeway Insurance Group (SIC). Compare FREE auto insurance quotes today with our ZIP code search tool!

The company was founded by William Parrillo, Chairman of the Board and President, in 1959. SIC remains the country’s largest private and family-owned insurance company.

Because the company is privately-held, large or institutional investors don’t have a say in the company’s decisions.

Read up on other companies’ auto insurance reviews to see if Safeway Auto Insurance might be the best for you. You can compare auto insurance costs from companies in your area now by typing your zip code into our FREE online tool!

Safeway Auto Insurance

The firm employs about 450 people, serving the needs of approximately 250,000 insured policyholders in 10 states. Safeway entered the Tennessee marketplace in 2011.

According to the company website, the firm’s network of more than 3,200 independent insurance agents and brokers helps new and existing clients compare Safeway’s insurance value. Independent insurance agents usually represent a variety of insurance companies and earn a referring sales commission when clients purchase insurance policies.

Safeway Auto Insurance Field Office Locations

In addition to the company’s headquarters, clients may visit a Safeway field office in Birmingham, Alabama; Phoenix, Arizona; Lafayette, Louisiana; Monrovia, California; Gainesville, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Jackson, Mississippi; Mesa, Arizona; and San Antonio and Dallas, Texas.

Safeway Auto Insurance Claims

Clients should report auto insurance claims as soon as possible. Safeway’s toll-free claims reporting lines enable the client to speak with a claims representative during business hours. Alternatively, customers must leave a voice message to receive a return call during business hours.

To report a claim, policyholders must provide:

  • Name and auto insurance policy number
  • Facts about the incident/accident, such as date, facts, and location of occurrence
  • Names of others involved, if reporting an auto accident
  • Police report, or any witnesses to the accident

After filing the claim, policyholders should arrange to have their damaged auto taken or towed to a repair facility. Safeway’s adjusters then evaluate the damage and prepare a written estimate of repairs. All liability claims in an accident or incident are evaluated by the adjuster, to protect both Safeway and the insured.

Safeway Auto Insurance Coverage

In addition to paying for repairs or replacing a totaled vehicle, auto insurance protects against claims from an uninsured motorist, legal defense that results from an incident or accident, or recovery/replacement of a stolen vehicle.

Safeway auto insurance will pay for the costs of a rental car if the insured has elected this cheap auto insurance coverage.

If the costs for parts and labor to repair the car exceed its current market value, the adjuster will deem the vehicle a total loss. In that instance, the owner’s car is towed to a secure site while the loss settlement is concluded.

Safeway Auto Insurance Discounts

Combining more than one vehicle, or adding homeowner insurance to existing auto insurance coverage may qualify the insured for auto insurance discounts.

Safeway writes non-standard auto insurance for higher-risk drivers. High risk drivers may pay more for auto insurance. Re-establishing a safe driving record is important to paying less for auto insurance rates.

Safeway Auto Insurance Careers

Interested persons may explore career opportunities posted on the SIC website. Career opportunities such as call center operators and direct sales professionals are sought at the company’s Illinois location. Vehicle appraisers and adjusters are sought in field offices. Check the company’s online postings for current opportunities.

Safeway Insurance Company offers non-standard drivers with auto insurance in 10 states. Find FREE auto insurance quotes today with our ZIP code search tool! Talk with the company about ways to save money on auto insurance rates, because non-standard drivers may pay more for auto insurance. You can start saving today with our FREE quote comparison tool!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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