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Republic Auto Insurance Review

Republic Auto Insurance ReviewThe Republic Group provides personal and commercial car insurance. They also offer property & casualty insurance through a network of independent agents. Compare FREE auto insurance quotes with our quote comparison tool!

This auto insurance company makes available insurance products via unaffiliated general agents in the Southwestern market.

They also enjoy an excellent rating of “A“, given by A.M. Best.

Nothing is more valuable than the financial strength of an insurance company. After all, if one is in an accident they want to have the peace of mind in the knowledge that their insurance company will be around to foot the bill.

The rating of an insurance company is proof that they will be there when needed by the policy holders. Check auto insurance reviews, and get FREE quotes for car insurance costs with our ZIP code search today!


In 1903, two Texan brothers, Ike and George Jalonick, organized the new Texas owned fire insurance company after many others had failed at the task. After a major effort, the brothers formed a new stock company in Dallas, Texas that eventually merged with other entities to evolve into the companies known as the Republic Group.

The Republic Group still operates under the same principles instilled by its original founders more than one hundred years later; honesty and fairness are the cornerstones of the company’s values.

Duty of a Good Insurance Company

Republic Auto Insurance and other reputable insurance companies will honor the insurance policy if one loans their car to a friend or a family member and they are involved in an accident, provided it is backed by a company of good standing.

It makes no difference if the friend or family member is insured or not. Auto insurance policies insure the car along with any individual using the vehicle, provided they have the permission to use the vehicle from the owner.

Even if the friend has their own car insurance, the car owner’s insurance company will pay for any damage caused to others and the owner’s car in case of collision insurance. The owner, of course, will be responsible for any deductible.


A majority of the insurance companies offer competitive rates on car insurance coverage that suit the needs of the individual customers. They have policies with auto insurance discounts for experienced drivers without any blemishes on their driving records and policies suited to novice drivers with some minor imperfections on their driving records.

Other than competitive rates that acknowledge a customer’s driving patterns, there are a large variety of discounts and credits that can be found online when prices of Republic Auto Insurance Discountsdifferent insurers are compared online.

Some of these include:

  • Good credit history
  • Driver training
  • Agency credit
  • Umbrella policies/homeownership and auto
  • Good student
  • Mature driver
  • Student in school

Having a minimum amount of car insurance is required by auto insurance laws in all states of America. Republic Auto Insurance and others provide car insurance policies that take care of prospective auto-related losses or injuries.

Such policies help to protect the driver, passengers, pedestrians and the property of other people. Additionally, they can offer protection in an event of a car-related lawsuit.

Comparison Shopping

Republic Auto Insurance ComparisonThere are hundreds of choices when searching for a cheap auto insurance – a large variety of policy options, different carriers and varying prices.

Wading through the multitude of choices can be a tedious chore.

The internet offers a comprehensive source of unbiased auto insurance information.

It is essential to make informed decisions about car insurance requirements.

Using the multiple auto insurance quotes from competing insurance companies can offer significant savings compared to a current policy. You can get FREE auto insurance quotes with our ZIP code search!

In certain areas of the country, typical car insurance quotes have gone down by as much as 10%. Getting these quotes costs nothing, except a few minutes of one’s time. In most cases, only one form has to be filled out to get quotes from a number of different companies.

It is important to keep some key points in mind when comparison shopping.

Insurance premiums can vary from insurer to insurer for the same kind of policy and car. The process of comparison can be quick, provided all necessary information like existing policy, driver’s license, and social security number is handy.

Make sure to specify identical coverage while referencing the current policy, so there is a solid basis for comparison.

Even if the current policy is expensive, do not cancel it before signing a new one. Driving uninsured can lead to serious problems.

Although asking friends, colleagues and family for insurance advice is helpful, professionals and agents online can provide more factual information and help one to make an informed decision based on the latest facts.

There are numerous insurance companies vying for your business, so be selective, informed and make use of comparison websites. Experts recommend that policy comparisons should be carried out at least once a year to make sure that one is getting the maximum savings possible. Start your FREE auto insurance comparison today!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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