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Seabright Auto Insurance Review

Anyone looking for cheap auto insurance in the Seattle, Washington area might think of Seabright Insurance. This insurance company has a reasonable history to consider when looking at options provided by the business and whether the company can meet personal needs.

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Unfortunately, Seabright is not designed around the basic needs of consumers and is made for industrial and business needs instead. This means it is not appropriate for families looking for a personal auto insurance option. Start saving big by entering your ZIP into our FREE quote generator to compare different auto insurance companies!

Location Facts

Seabright Insurance is headquartered in Washington State. The headquarters is in the city of Seattle and the customers for the business are companies and industries that are in and around the Seattle area. The insurance is available to any company located in Washington State who is interested in business insurances.

Historical Facts

Seabright Insurance was founded in 1986 under the name Heart of America Fire and Casualty Company. After several years under the original name, it was acquired by Seabright Insurance Holdings, Inc and the name of the company changed to Seabright Insurance Company.

The original Heart of America Fire and Casualty Company was acquired in 2003 and has since been part of the Seabright Insurance Holdings, Inc family of companies.

Customer OptionsSeabright Auto Insurance Night Blur

The company is designed around the needs of businesses who are looking for collective insurance options for their employees. It is not designed around the needs of individual families or personal insurance.  Families or individuals searching for auto insurance discounts will have better luck comparing various auto insurance companies online and by looking at auto insurance reviews.

The business sells policies to employers who are looking for group insurance for their workers. The options available for employers to select from vary on the needs of the company.

Seabright provides employers with workers compensation insurance and compensation coverage for employees working in construction, refuse management, harbor and long shore positions. This is one of the main services the employers are able to take advantage of when they are looking for group insurance options.

Though Seabright does not provide auto insurance for personal needs, it will provide businesses with auto insurance for the vehicles used in the company. This type of insurance will require a few vehicles used by the company and provides basic coverage against accidents employees might become involved in while driving for their company.

Business insurance is another option available through Seabright. This helps cover the business owner against damage to the company property. Business insurance is designed around the needs of small and medium sized businesses as well as the larger corporations, so it is appropriate for most company owners to consider. Even small businesses might have damage to properties or stolen supplies, so the company will cover small companies.

Businesses that expect to send employees on many trips can make use of the airplane insurance coverage for all of their employees. Workers who are flying will need basic coverage like accident insurance or travel insurance.

Employers who provide a health care insurance plan to their employees can also find a group health insurance option through Seabright, allowing them to keep all of their insurance coverage needs in the same company. The health care coverage often works around needs related to potentially dangerous jobs, like construction work, so employers can expect the coverage to include a good emergency care plan in case an accident on the job occurs.

Main Companies Covered

Though Seabright is designed around the needs of businesses, their primary customers are employers who need to provide coverage to workers in construction, maritime employees, harbor workers and long shore businesses.

It is an industrial insurance company and while the options available include everything from workers compensation to employee health insurance plans, it might not be the appropriate company for all small and medium sized businesses.

Business Stability

Seabright Auto Insurance Protection Seabright is considered a stable company for insurance needs. As an insurance business that is classified as an IX size, the business has plenty of funding to manage expenses that might arise. The IX size means that the corporation has a net profit each year that falls between 250 million and 500 million dollars.

The company assets are valued around 730 million and the capital available without selling the assets is around three million dollars. As a result of high profitability, a large asset base and a reasonable amount of capital readily available, Seabright is very stable. That stability combined with the company’s policies and growth over time has led to an A- rating, or excellent rating, from AM Best.


Seabright has a highly professional staff and is known to process claims efficiently based on the situation. Whether it is a claim for health coverage to get injured employees back on their feet or it is a claim from the employer to replace damaged or stolen goods for the business, the claims office will work out the details of coverage options quickly.  Try our FREE quote comparison tool today by entering your ZIP!

Final Thoughts

Seabright Insurance is an excellent option for businesses, but it is not designed around the needs of individuals looking for low auto insurance costs. Instead, it will provide coverage for employers who want to keep their employees covered and their property safe from damage or theft. Obtaining a quote for business insurance options can help determine if it fits the needs of a company.

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